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About Lakhimpur District Judiciary


Lakhimpur district is situated on the North-East corner of Assam,bounded on the North by Lower Subansiri and Papumpare districts of Arunachal Pradesh.On the East by Dhemaji district and Subansiri river.Majuli district and the mighty Brahmaputra stand on the Southern side and Gohpur Sub division of Biswanath district is on the Western side of this district.

District of Lakhimpur has the distinction of one of the few districts of Assam,where Administration of Justice was initiated by the British Empire since 1838-1839.At that time,there was no any local learned counsel to conduct cases,and the British Rulers had picked up some persons,who knew English and appointed them as defence counsels.Gradually,the said persons practiced in Civil Cases also.In North Lakhimpur,Lt.Muktinath Chakraborty was appointed as defence counsel in the year 1897.Later on,in the year 1899,Lt.Aswini Sarkar and in the year 1901,Lt.Kesalal Sarkar who were Muktiuars,settled here for practice in law. Lt.Phanidhar Chaliha was the first Munsiff at North Lakhimpur in the year 1898.So,Munsiff Court was establishment by the British Rulers here way back in the year 1898 or prior to that.

Prior to 2nd Oct.1971,present Lakhimpur district was the sub-division of the then Lakhimpur district i.e.present Lakhimpur,Dhemaji and Dibrugarh and Tinsukia districts with head quarter at Dibrugarh and the Sessions Cases were tried at Dibrugarh and sometimes circuit court was held in the circuit house of Lakhimpur.Prior to that the British Rulers had make the then Lakhimpur district i.e.present Lakhimpur,Dibrugarh,Dhemaji,Tinsukia district and then Sibsagar district i.e.present Sivasagar,Jorhat and Golaghat districts as upper Assam division and Sessions Cases were tried at Jorhat.On 2nd October,1971, the District of Lakhimpur was re-organised with two Sub-divisions, namely Dhemaji and North Lakhimpur being the headquarter.Again in the year,1980, it was re-organised with two sub-divisions,namely North Lakhimpur ...