Lakhimpur District Bar Association

     District of Lakhimpur has the distinction of one of the few districts of Assam, where Administration of Justice was initiated by the British Empire since 1838-1839.At that time,there was no any local learned counsel to conduct cases,and the British Rulers had picked up some persons,who knew English and appointed them as defence counsels. Gradually, the said persons practiced in Civil Cases also. In North Lakhimpur, Lt.Muktinath Chakraborty was appointed as defence counsel in the year 1897 as he knew English. Later on,in the year 1899, Lt.Aswini Sarkar and in the year 1901, Lt.Kesalal Sarkar who were Muktiuars,settled here for practice in law. The Lakhimpur District Bar Association was established in the year,1899. Ultimately, Lt.Sarbeswar Baruah was the first Advocate to practice here in the year,1918. The Lakhimpur District Bar Association is situated near to office of the District & Sessions Judge, Lakhimpur.