e-Court is a Mission mode project launched by the eCommittee,Honourable Supreme court of India.Its a nationalized eGovernance project which aims to provide Computerization of case processes as well as justice delivery system in India. Through this project the eCommittee launches a host of applications that benifits not only the litigants but the Bars and judicial systems as well.The major stackholders of the eCourt project are the district and subordinate courts of the country.The below list includes some of the major initiatives taken in form of eCourts applications launched by the eCommittee in collaboration with National Informatics Centre (NIC).The user Manuals help to provide better guidance against a specific application.

eFiling Guide e-Pay (eCourt Digital Payment User Manual) NSTEP(National Service and Tracking of Electronic Processes)
eFiling(How to eFile a Case ?) eFiling(User Registration Brochure) 7 Simple ways to get information on any court case anywhere and anytime

Shetty Commission Recommendation for Assam full Text Chapter Wise

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